Kim Torres and Alejandra Varga Talk Luz Nocturna at Cannes 2022


Alejandra Vargas: I’m Alejandra Vargas. I’m from Costa Rica. And Kim Toures is the director of Luz Nocturna. This is a short film from Costa Rica in the official competition.

Kim Torres: Luz Nocturna is the story about three siblings and how they face their solitude after their mother has left the house and is probably not coming back. So it’s like this story about trying to accompany each other and their resilience, but also about the spaces that they inhabit and how this jungle is a very oppressive space too in their lives.

Kim Torres: It’s actually like a very personal source that brought me to to do this film. But it’s mostly like my questioning about motherhood and like my own experiences too, about this subject and how it has changed throughout the years because, you know, like, it’s such a burden to be a mother. And a lot of the times mothers can be like very severely judged for their decisions. But it’s also like in this story, the mother leaves and leaves this burden to the older sibling. And it’s just like this very complex dilemma that is not so easy for the older sibling to just leave too like she actually has to be the responsible one, just like even though she doesn’t want that. And in a way, it’s like a way of understanding also how her mother didn’t want that responsibility.