Vytautas Katkus and Marija Razgutė Talk ‘Cherries’ at Cannes 2022


Marija Razgutė: I knew Vytautas for more than ten years, almost 12 years, I think, because he was a talented student at the academy when he was studying cinematography. And, we worked together on the projects, but, uh, not like producer director, but like producer and cinematographer, producer and yeah, different other positions. And I, of course was a big fan of Vytas’ talent. And two years ago he approached me with a project which was the one that we have here in Cannes and he asked if I would like to produce it. I read the script and of course I loved it. And because I knew Vytas from before very well, I knew who am I talking with and it was a very easy decision to say yes. So I said yes. And actually, we shot the film last year during Cannes in Vilnius. So I was in Cannes just for three days, I very quickly did my meetings and flew back to the shoot of Cherries. And we are back to Cannes with Cherries.

Vytautas Katkus: The inspiration came from my personal experience, my personal connection, and my personal life. My father also came from France and the relationship of my friends and their parents as well. So that was like from not a lot of, but from a few different sides the inspiration came.

Eric Ethan: What was the most rewarding part of working on Cherries?

Vytautas Katkus: I’m not sure, I think all the parts of making this movie was rewarding. I really was happy when we finished the script. Then I was happy when we got the funding and I was quite happy after shooting with when everything was finished. Then I was happy like after months that finally we get the film material and so yeah, so I don’t want to mention one thing. It was a process, not a very long process, but it was an intense process. So I’m very happy that all the steps in this process was completely quite good I guess, yeah.